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Kaikohe West School opened in 1882 as a native school to cater for the large number of Maori children resident in this area. The name was changed in the mid-fifties from Kaikohe Native School to Kaikohe Maori School, and again changed in 1969 to the Kaikohe West School when Maori education as a separate type of school was discontinued.

“Kaikohe” means food from the trees, or vines; and we can liken the food from the trees with the food of knowledge. Our many native trees surrounding us each day contribute to our total learning environment and links our past with the present. The District that this school serves is as the name suggests; the western part of Kaikohe and the areas of Otaua, Whitehills, Taheke and Mataraua.

VISION At Kaikohe West School

"we will embrace whanaungatanga in our search for knowledge togetherin a safe and caring environment"

This will occur in a school where:

  • each student will learn the skills and attitudes necessary to be a productive member of society
  • there is an empowering link between community and school so the full potential of each student is developed
  • the highest levels of competency in academic, social, cultural, artistic and physical experiences are expected
  • there is an emphasis on literacy and numeracy

Supported by school and home based values which:

  • encourage honesty (tumanako) and respect for self, others, property and the environment (kaitiakitanga)
  • enhance self esteem, pride, confidence and a sense of responsibility (tino rangatiratanga)

Recognising local curriculum goals that:

  • develop an awareness if the community historical and environmental features which are unique to and identify the local area and our school
  • offer a community choice of Te Reo Maori and general learning options in support of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • identifies and provide programmes for children who have special learning and/or social needs or abilities
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